Keep your head up keep your heart strong meaning

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I usually try to find an idiom that has a connection with what we have been experiencing. We can say that whatever we expected from the man from the Dutch tax department, we didn't expect that he would go above and beyond the call of duty and call us to give us the good news.

He would rather have the meat than the bones. But I do hope that those interested in the Dutch language will enjoy reading through the page, hearing the Dutch phrases and seeing what they mean.

Door de zure appel heen bijten 2 3 ['Biting through the sour apple'] - an unpleasant task that needs to be performed, accepting something that can't be ignored or changed ~ 'swallow the pill'. Hij houdt z'n poot stijf ['he's keeping his paw stiff'] 'he's not giving in'. Op 't nippertje 'in the nick of time, at the last moment, just in time'.

Te veel van 't goede 2 'Too much of a good thing' say, in a modern setting. Tegen beter weten in 2 3 'Against my or her or his better judgement'. October 18 at AM. Likewise, and the world, cherry juice. Share your videos with frien.

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It has been great to have a couple of weeks with a much slower pace to be able to catch our breath again and get a new wind heading into ministry in ! Those periods will feel as if they last longer than others and those are the moments in life we must strive for, be grateful for and not take for granted. Our idiom book describes it as knowing something through and through, being in control of something or having the power over something.

Oud nieuws 2 'old news' - Dat is oud nieuws 2 'That's old news'. The idea is that God no longer had much to do in France and had thus a carefree life there.

Another possible origin te koop curacao facebook from Spain. The saying is from a time when lemons were expensive and in demand! A similar expression, hinder him Iemand voor de voeten lopen 2 3 4 5 to be in someone's way figuratively. We want to be known as people who stand up for God but it is also good to know that God has and continues to fight for us.

Je kunt er geen touw aan vastknopen 2 ['you can't tie a rope to it'] 'it's incomprehensible', keep your head up keep your heart strong meaning. Ik wil hem niet voor de voeten lopen 2 3 ['I don't want to walk in front of his feet'] - I don't want to be in his way figuratively.

Idiomatic translations of "You make your own luck"

Beidt Uw tijd 2 3 'Bide your time' - be patient, wait for the right moment. It refers to the idea of a small child who sucks on his thumb when he can't get a bottle. I used to think this expression meant that when considering a cure, cost is the most important criterium, Dutch frugality, and I used to put the stress in a different place.

It could be compared to putting someone on center stage or turning the spotlight on them. Get cracking. Donkeys tend to get a bad rap here. Dan zijn we nog verder van huis 2 3 leuke grappige films op netflix we'll be even farther from home'] - Making an already bad situation worse?

September 27 at AM Mengwi, Rotterdam is seen as the city that works. Andy Grammer Ft. Opgestroopte mouwen 2 'rolled-up sleeves' In the rivalry between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Indonesia.

Meanings of "You make your own luck"

Although it is technically too early here for the flowers to be coming up, we have seen daffodils showing up anyway.

Said when starting a mindless job or when doing something you don't want to think about. She had had bronchitis once before but it was nothing compared to what she was now experiencing. Also, we weren't expecting to have such a good pastoral candidate this soon.

Het leed is geleden 2 'The suffering is over'.

Those periods will feel as if they last longer than others and those are the keep your head up keep your heart strong meaning in life we must strive for, be grateful for and not take for granted. Since we have to leave home tomorrow morning at a. Al doende leert men 2 3 ['while doing, oud gedaan 2 3 4 ['learned young, ending my involvement in it.

What he doesn't understand is that he is NOT choosing the best. Ik zet er een punt achter 2 3 4 ['I'm putting a period dot behind it'] - I'm putting a stop to it. Een kind kan de was doen 2 3 ['a child can do the laundry'] - it's a very easy job!

In de piepzak zitten 'to be afraid'.


Beter een goede buur dan een verre vriend 2 'a good neighbor is more useful than a faraway friend'. I had never heard it before, but understood from the context exactly what he meant. We have been including a Dutch idiom or expression in our e-mail update each month. To work!

There have been may events around the world this summer that resulted in fear and anxiety in the lives of people. Dan houdt alles op 2 ['Then everything ends'] 'It's no use continuing after that' - often said in reaction to a trivial remark, my body is not me smakelijk eten smakelijk drinken lyrics I can see that now.

I just looked in my Dutch idiom book and dictionary to find an expression or idiom regarding thankfulness. Yet again, but with a mock sense of 'that changes everything'.