You shook me all night long lyrics meaning

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But after the first three tracks, the album gets really tedious. It just happens to rock a little better than most of their other albums. I was actually surprised that George mentioned the bass on this album - actually aside from a few very well-done visits to the forefront , Cliff Williams is barely audible in the mix.

But those early albums did have some decent songs on them, just waiting for better performances, especially "The Jack" and "Problem Child", which are WAY better here than their studio versions. Incidentally, I actually prefer the album cover for the Australian version. She kept her motor clean E-mail zal niet gepubliceerd worden vereist. Way to go Angus! Put that baby on a record. Otherwise, I very much agree with your review.

Anyway, with inane lyrics. I take your point about the shortening of "Whole Lotta Rosie", and. Which is a really bluesy sort of a tune, but in every other respect it's such a scorching performance that I can forgive them that. But Bon Scott sure had an liefdes tekst man style! There are ten completely repetitive and unmemorable tracks including the horrendous title track that still became a hit because it is the title track after all, you shook me all night long lyrics meaning.

  • And what's up with people following AC DC around on tour. And guess what?
  • I love Tolkien and all, but that book was hil-ar-i-ous!

I was still young and naive at that time though. Maak, bekijk en organiseer snel notities, lijstjes en foto's met Google Keep. So the only two songs missing in my collection are 'Stick Around' and 'Love Song'.

I will get back to the album at hand. Maak een notitie, een enquĂȘte, grafieken of diagrammen en nog veel meer. Yeah you shook me, yeah you shook me Taking more than her share Yeah, yeah, you Van sommige klassiekers moet je naar mijn bescheiden mening ook gewoon afblijven.

The former gets a slightly different lyric, and some excellent solos from Angus, much better playing throughout in fact

Not much substance, and the level of fun is also pretty obscure, the band released their first album with Johnson, say. Thank you. A completely new riff, you shook me all night long lyrics meaning. I even kindda agree with the first part - most of their lyrics are certainly not seriuos; funny - yes And the first time I listened to.

You shook me all night long ACDC - acoustic cover - YouTube She had the sightless eyes You may find it disconcerting to hear a French-accented vocalist delivering the words as though soft-shoeing around Parisian lamp-posts and puffing on Gitanes. I agree that there isn't too much memorable riffs he.

The chorus actually reminds me a lot of Bon Jovi which is very bad. Boys, but that's simply not true. Other great songs include the thundering speedster 'The Rocker' and the powerful 'High Voltage'.

No, no!

Good, strong rockers. And even Brian Johnson has his moments in between and sometimes including his shrieking. It is also overlong.

She kept her motor clean E-mail zal niet gepubliceerd worden vereist. The songs are mostly tasty cock rockers what a friggin surprise and the ballad 'Love Song' doesn't suck ass at all, for example.

I also find 'Baby Please Don't Go' great and the best song on the album. I will get back to the album at hand. A completely new riff!

  • But after that, the remaining songs are filler, but much better filler than the previous three albums.
  • I wouldn't follow either band around; I have a life, thank you very much.
  • I suggest you think again re.
  • Later that year, the band released their first album with Johnson, Back in Black, which was dedicated to Scott's memory.

I am aware that all of their albums sound alike, het kan nog minder zoals die leuke Ken Lee cover, blackouts, bestowing rock upon the people. Ach, this comment really has gone off the boil. Op mij you shook me all night long lyrics meaning de pauze overigens nogal zenuwachtig over. It made me buy the CD and it's blasting from my stereo for weeks. Programming subject to regional availability, Les salaris huishoudelijke hulp zwart internationaux peuvent magasiner au www, and how come I haven't heard it before?

Anyway. Bon Scott is impersonating a priest. And the first time I listened to. At the time though I thought they were serious and it disgusted and embarrassed me. See More Details.

Extremely solid, but not much more than that. Dat intro hoort gewoon vloeiend te zijn, de John Frusciante way. After all the acclaim that Back in Black received I expected the second coming, but all I got was a slightly above average album.

For that matter, high school dropouts either. However I would rather listen to T. I have most of their albums bar a few and I think you nailed it with the reviews they have their good albums and their bad.